Mariner Path Selection (00003)

The Mariner Trajectory Selection Data Set is the votes cast by the various science teams responsible for selecting the trajectory for the 1977 interplanetary satellite. There were a total of 10 science teams voting over 32 possible paths. All these votes are complete but indifference was allowed between some of the objects.

Selected studies: An Actual Application of Collective Choice Theory to the Selection of Trajectories for the Mariner Jupiter/Saturn 1977 Project; James S. Dyer and Ralph F. Miles Jr.; Operations Research 24(2); 1976 | Where Are the Hard Manipulation Problems?; Toby Walsh; Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 42, 1-39; 2011

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  • Publication date: Aug. 17, 2013
  • Last modification: Sept. 22, 2022
NASA Mariner Path Selection — 00003-00000001.toc
10 Voters, 32 Alternatives