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MD-00003: Project Bidding Data

This dataset contains bids of students over a set of projects for student/project allocations at the School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow. Each project is supervised by an individual each with a maximum capacity of supervision. There are 8 years worth of data in this set and with between 31 and 51 students and 56 and 155 projects. This data was kindly donated by David Manlove who collected this data.

In addition to the strict and incomplete preference profiles of the students we have extended the profiles with all unranked items tied at the end. We have also posted .dat files containing the supervisor identifiers and capacities. The format for the .dat files is Supervisor ID, Capacity, Projects; where Projects is a space separated list of the projects supervised by the Supervisor. Each project has a capacity of 1 while each supervisor has a variable capacity. In academic sessions 2007-08 and 2008-09 there were no supervisor capacities in force, thus the projects and supervisors are in 1-1 correspondence.

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DescriptionTypeModificationFile NameFile Size
Capacities_Projects_07_08.txt Extra Data File (CSV) Original MD-00003-00000001.dat 4.0K
Projects_07_08.txt Strict Order - Incomplete List Original MD-00003-00000001.soi 4.0K
Projects_07_08.txt Order with Ties - Complete List Imbued MD-00003-00000001.toc 8.0K
Projects_07_08.txt Pairwise Graph Induced MD-00003-00000001.pwg 4.0K
Projects_07_08.txt Weighted Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000001.wmg 4.0K
Projects_07_08.txt Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000001.mjg 4.0K
Capacities_Projects_08_09.txt Extra Data File (CSV) Original MD-00003-00000002.dat 4.0K
Projects_08_09.txt Strict Order - Incomplete List Original MD-00003-00000002.soi 4.0K
Projects_08_09.txt Order with Ties - Complete List Imbued MD-00003-00000002.toc 8.0K
Projects_08_09.txt Pairwise Graph Induced MD-00003-00000002.pwg 4.0K
Projects_08_09.txt Weighted Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000002.wmg 4.0K
Projects_08_09.txt Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000002.mjg 4.0K
Capacities_Projects_09_10.txt Extra Data File (CSV) Original MD-00003-00000003.dat 4.0K
Projects_09_10.txt Strict Order - Incomplete List Original MD-00003-00000003.soi 4.0K
Projects_09_10.txt Order with Ties - Complete List Imbued MD-00003-00000003.toc 12K
Projects_09_10.txt Pairwise Graph Induced MD-00003-00000003.pwg 4.0K
Projects_09_10.txt Weighted Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000003.wmg 4.0K
Projects_09_10.txt Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000003.mjg 4.0K
Capacities_Projects_10_11.txt Extra Data File (CSV) Original MD-00003-00000004.dat 4.0K
Projects_10_11.txt Strict Order - Incomplete List Original MD-00003-00000004.soi 4.0K
Projects_10_11.txt Order with Ties - Complete List Imbued MD-00003-00000004.toc 8.0K
Projects_10_11.txt Pairwise Graph Induced MD-00003-00000004.pwg 4.0K
Projects_10_11.txt Weighted Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000004.wmg 4.0K
Projects_10_11.txt Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000004.mjg 4.0K
Capacities_Projects_11_12.txt Extra Data File (CSV) Original MD-00003-00000005.dat 4.0K
Projects_11_12.txt Strict Order - Incomplete List Original MD-00003-00000005.soi 4.0K
Projects_11_12.txt Order with Ties - Complete List Imbued MD-00003-00000005.toc 12K
Projects_11_12.txt Pairwise Graph Induced MD-00003-00000005.pwg 4.0K
Projects_11_12.txt Weighted Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000005.wmg 4.0K
Projects_11_12.txt Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000005.mjg 4.0K
Capacities_Projects_12_13.txt Extra Data File (CSV) Original MD-00003-00000006.dat 4.0K
Projects_12_13.txt Strict Order - Incomplete List Original MD-00003-00000006.soi 4.0K
Projects_12_13.txt Order with Ties - Complete List Imbued MD-00003-00000006.toc 20K
Projects_12_13.txt Pairwise Graph Induced MD-00003-00000006.pwg 8.0K
Projects_12_13.txt Weighted Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000006.wmg 8.0K
Projects_12_13.txt Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000006.mjg 8.0K
Capacities_Projects_13_14.txt Extra Data File (CSV) Original MD-00003-00000007.dat 4.0K
Projects_13_14.txt Strict Order - Incomplete List Original MD-00003-00000007.soi 4.0K
Projects_13_14.txt Order with Ties - Complete List Imbued MD-00003-00000007.toc 28K
Projects_13_14.txt Pairwise Graph Induced MD-00003-00000007.pwg 8.0K
Projects_13_14.txt Weighted Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000007.wmg 8.0K
Projects_13_14.txt Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000007.mjg 8.0K
Capacities_Projects_14_15.txt Extra Data File (CSV) Original MD-00003-00000008.dat 4.0K
Projects_14_15.txt Strict Order - Incomplete List Original MD-00003-00000008.soi 4.0K
Projects_14_15.txt Order with Ties - Complete List Imbued MD-00003-00000008.toc 28K
Projects_14_15.txt Pairwise Graph Induced MD-00003-00000008.pwg 8.0K
Projects_14_15.txt Weighted Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000008.wmg 8.0K
Projects_14_15.txt Majority Graph Induced MD-00003-00000008.mjg 8.0K