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MD-00002: Computer Science Conference Bidding Data

This dataset contains the bidding data from 3 Computer Science Conferences. This contains the bids of all reviewers (aside a small number of opt-outs) over a subset of papers at the conference.

The bidding language for these conferences is yes/maybe/conflict. In order to make these more useful for PreLib users, we have converted them to incomplete partial orders of the form {yes} > {maybe} > {no response}. The papers for which a reviewer had a conflict have been removed from their preference list. All reviewers had different preference orderings, hence each file contains as many entries as reviewers.

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DescriptionTypeModificationFile NameFile Size
AI Conference 1 Order with Ties - Incomplete List Original MD-00002-00000001.toi 8.0K
AI Conference 2 Order with Ties - Incomplete List Original MD-00002-00000002.toi 8.0K
AI Conference 3 Order with Ties - Incomplete List Original MD-00002-00000003.toi 88K