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ED-00014: Sushi Data

This dataset contains the results of a series of surveys conducted by Toshihiro Kamishima asking 5000 individuals for their preferences about various kinds of sushi. There are three different datasets that were elicited in different ways:

This dataset contains 14 files in total including soc, soi, toi, and toc files.

Note that the dataset was incorrectly converted, it has been fixed as of Jan 2016, please re-download.

Due to licence issues we require that you go through Toshihiro Kamishima website to obtain the datafiles and observe the following licence terms:

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DescriptionTypeModificationFile NameFile Size
Sushi 10 Rank Tournament Graph Induced ED-00014-00000001.tog 4.0K
Sushi 10 Rank Pairwise Graph Induced ED-00014-00000001.pwg 4.0K
Sushi 10 Rank Strict Order - Complete List Original ED-00014-00000001.soc 112K
Sushi 10 Rank Weighted Majority Graph Induced ED-00014-00000001.wmg 4.0K
Sushi 100 Rank Majority Graph Induced ED-00014-00000002.mjg 40K
Sushi 100 Rank Order with Ties - Complete List Imbued ED-00014-00000002.toc 1.4M
Sushi 100 Rank Pairwise Graph Induced ED-00014-00000002.pwg 80K
Sushi 100 Rank Strict Order - Incomplete List Original ED-00014-00000002.soi 152K
Sushi 100 Rank Weighted Majority Graph Induced ED-00014-00000002.wmg 40K
Sushi 100 Score Majority Graph Induced ED-00014-00000003.mjg 40K
Sushi 100 Score Order with Ties - Complete List Imbued ED-00014-00000003.toc 1.4M
Sushi 100 Score Order with Ties - Incomplete List Original ED-00014-00000003.toi 172K
Sushi 100 Score Pairwise Graph Induced ED-00014-00000003.pwg 76K
Sushi 100 Score Weighted Majority Graph Induced ED-00014-00000003.wmg 44K