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ED-00003: Mariner Path Selection

The Mariner Trajectory Selection Data Set is the votes cast by the various science teams responsible for selecting the trajectory for the 1977 interplanetary satellite. There were a total of 10 science teams voting over 32 possible paths. All these votes are complete but indifference was allowed between some of the objects.

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NASA Mariner Path Selection Majority Graph Induced ED-00003-00000001.mjg 4.0K
NASA Mariner Path Selection Order with Ties - Complete List Original ED-00003-00000001.toc 4.0K
NASA Mariner Path Selection Pairwise Graph Induced ED-00003-00000001.pwg 8.0K
NASA Mariner Path Selection Weighted Majority Graph Induced ED-00003-00000001.wmg 4.0K