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ED-00024: Mechanical Turk Dots

The Mechanical Turk Dots datasets come from Andrew Mao and were collected using Mechanical Turk. These data sets each contain elections with 794-800 voters over 4 candidates.

Each of the candidates correspond to random dots presented to a user on Mechanical Turk, who is asked to rank the items from those containing the least dots (first) to those containing the most dots (last). Thus, for all of these data sets there is a ground truth ranking which corresponds to the candidate names in sorted order. In the Dots task, each task contains elements with 200, 200+i, 200+2i, and 200+3i dots, where i = {3, 5, 7, 9}. This allows for more noise to be introduced to various iterations of the task. For each i, 40 sets of puzzles were placed on Mechanical Turk and were ranked by 20 users. As per the data owners request these 160 individual trails have been aggregated into a single file for each i. The individual trial runs are available upon request.

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DescriptionTypeModificationFile NameFile Size
all_200x3 Strict Order - Complete List Original ED-00024-00000001.soc 4.0K
all_200x3 Pairwise Graph Induced ED-00024-00000001.pwg 4.0K
all_200x3 Weighted Majority Graph Induced ED-00024-00000001.wmg 4.0K
all_200x3 Majority Graph Induced ED-00024-00000001.mjg 4.0K
all_200x5 Strict Order - Complete List Original ED-00024-00000002.soc 4.0K
all_200x5 Pairwise Graph Induced ED-00024-00000002.pwg 4.0K
all_200x5 Weighted Majority Graph Induced ED-00024-00000002.wmg 4.0K
all_200x5 Majority Graph Induced ED-00024-00000002.mjg 4.0K
all_200x7 Strict Order - Complete List Original ED-00024-00000003.soc 4.0K
all_200x7 Pairwise Graph Induced ED-00024-00000003.pwg 4.0K
all_200x7 Weighted Majority Graph Induced ED-00024-00000003.wmg 4.0K
all_200x7 Majority Graph Induced ED-00024-00000003.mjg 4.0K
all_200x9 Strict Order - Complete List Original ED-00024-00000004.soc 4.0K
all_200x9 Pairwise Graph Induced ED-00024-00000004.pwg 4.0K
all_200x9 Weighted Majority Graph Induced ED-00024-00000004.wmg 4.0K
all_200x9 Majority Graph Induced ED-00024-00000004.mjg 4.0K