PrefLib is a reference library of preference data and links assembled by Nicholas Mattei, Toby Walsh and lately Simon Rey. This site and library is proudly supported by the Algorithmic Decision Theory group at Data61.

We want to provide a comprehensive resource for the multiple research communities that deal with preferences, including computational social choice, recommender systems, data mining, machine learning, and combinatorial optimization, to name just a few.

Citation Policy

We ask that you provide a reference to our repository when publishing research based on data gathered here as this will allow other researchers to find us. Additionally, some of our datasets have citation policies specific to them, please comply with these requests. Many hours have been spent to gather, organize, and publish these datasets and we want to provide credit where credit is due.

If you use data from PrefLib in a publication please let us know and we will add to the website.

Donation Policy

To donate a new dataset, report an issue with an existing dataset, or suggest changes to the website, please go to the Contribution GitHub and open a new issue. Once the issue has been created, one of the maintainers will work with you on formatting data or servicing the issue. We will host the data set and work with you on keeping it up to date.

We rely on the support of the community in order to increase the usefulness and coverage of this site. If you have any additional issues Please contact Nicholas Mattei via email at nsmattei{at}gmail{dot}com or Simon Rey at srey{at}uva{dot}nl. Please don't hesitate to contact us!